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Admiral Summers, You showed poor judgement by leaving the assigned attack area for your Battlegroup. However, you may have helped the situation by being out of the area.

The Cardassians used the Calbos Rift to mask their approach into Federation territory. Thanks to you most of the Denras repair facility was saved. The Cardassians also launced an assault deep into Fortol Cluster.

Intellegence reports that Gul Dorak is in command of the invasion force, the same Gul Dorak who entering Mordecai and led you to Calbos. We believe he is attempting to draw the experienced Commanders away from the front.

You will make an assault against the Keldonii Shipyards. This base took over after the Galorum shipyards were destroyed by you 6 years ago.

There is no mining station in these new shipyards, just an old klingon mobile base. This was sold to them by the Rogue house during the Sarek Crisis.

The rest of your battlegroup will lauch attacks on the Fortol systems. This should put the Cardassians in panic. We will then send the 1st Battlegroup into Dorvan to seize their main foothold in this region.

The 3rd Battle group will be holding the line into Dorvan. Keldonii is only 2 days from that position. You will be there reinforcement in the case they are outnumbered.

We need this battle to be a success. Th War has dragged on for far too long. The 7th fleet is up to the challenge, and I know your battle group most defenetly is. Just remember to stay with in range of the 3rd battlegroup.

Admiral, stay focused, I know you want vegence for what they did to your wife, don't let them win.
I want this to be the last battle.