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The year is 2350, 7 Years have passed since the first deadly contact between Cardassia and the Federation. The Cardassian Commonwealth has refused diplomatic relations with the Federation, and the Federation has respected the borders Cardassia holds.

For the past 30 years famine has gripped the Cardassian civilian population. The poor, and weak have been forced to starve and live in slums, while the elite political aristocracy lives in comfort. A military coup has recently took control of the government and begun to feed the starving, enlisting the willing into the military. Providing a since of pride to all. Their resources are dwindling however, so the New Cardassian Union has decided to begin a rapid expansion campaign, that will bring it into direct conflict with the Federation.

You are Captain Tabitha Stewart of the USS Gemstar. You will soon be put under the command of Admiral Powell, an old friend of your father. He commands the fleet on this side of the Federation. Your assignment will be to fairy dimplomatic leaders, as well as explore strange new worlds, and seek out new life and civiliziations.

The war is about to begin......................