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Emergency Session of Federation Council called for possible Seize Fire.

By Kathryn Ryan

             Yesterday, a motion was made to assemble the full Federation Council as soon as all of the delegates could arrive. This motion was made by Federation Special Ambassador Spock of Vulcan, the motion was seconded by Tellarite Ambassador Loran Ved. Ambassador Spock wants an immdiate hault to Federation operations in the Cardassian Conflict. Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan, has opposed the motion, and says the Federation has the right to defend itself against the Cardassian invasion, according to the Khitomer Accords.

           All 141 reprasentives are either on their way, or already on Earth. It is possible the session could meet as early as Tuesday. Federation President Mok Feral of Vega has taken a neutral stance and has decided to wait for arguments to be made when the Council meets.

           As with all interstellar politics, other Governments have made their opinions known. King Fret of the Gorn Star Kingdom, Has stated the Gorn will stand with whatever decision the Federation makes. Klingon Chancellor K'mpec has sided with Ambassador Sarek, and has offered military support for the war against Cardassia. The Romulan Senate, who broke off dimplomatic relations with all governments 28 years ago, is again silent.

         We tried to get an interview with Amabassador Spock, he transmitted this statement.
"As a person who has seen war, smelled war, and lived through war, I can not let it continue. A prolonged war with the Cardassian Union will do nothing but