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Lost Missions


Chapter 2 mod pack
DC9 The Devils Den

DCX Wrath of the Mordecai
DCXI The Last Stand
DCXII In the End
C1 Lost Missions

System Pack


Well if your here, you suck......just kidden. Some of the missions may present some difficulty, for those I've put together some helpful hints.



Once you warp into Mordecai, your going to have a about 7 hideki's right on top of you. Together there a threat, but individually there cannon fodder. So have your squad form up, then pick them off individually. Alpha squad will warp in, they'll tell you they got there ass kicked. So now you don't have enough ships to engage the main fleet. There are a few ways of beating this. First off you can go all rambo and just charge in, and die. My suggestion is to order you squad to attack one of the galors or the gormaul, then try to draw the keldon away from the main fleet, and kill it one-on-one.

In Beta Ceti you'll begin patrol, and your ass kicking. A new galor class ship will warp in. Here's the problem. The galor is faster, stronger, and has better weapons than you. The best thing to do is have your escorts engage it while you run, warp is disabled by the way. Once the Mordecai warps in, use vos 3-4 to change to the Mordecai. Now comes the biggest battle in the DC series. In Avery you'll engage 8 cardassian ships, not counting the lauched fighters. Here you need to engage the ships and not get killed (duh). After about 2 minutes a second wave of Cardi's will warp in. At this point you have 2 optionsl; Follow Captain Jellico's advice and go get help in Fletcher, or stay and get killed. With the additional escort in Fletcher you'll be able to destroy the cardassian fleet. Most likely you will suffer massive damage.

First off your ship has already been blown up, but you got him too. Now your sitting in an escape pod with an annoying pilot. After a few seconds of sitting in space crying for help, you'll be informed of a few birds of prey are heading your way. Guess what! They have weapons, and faster impulse drives, your screwed. Not really, the planet rings are you defense. Enter the rings and

Mission Help



Klingon Academy
Red Hot Chili Dog
General Kor
KAF Thor

Screen of the Week

Galorum Nor is destoryed