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Lost Missions


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DC9 The Devils Den

DCX Wrath of the Mordecai
DCXI The Last Stand
DCXII In the End
C1 Lost Missions

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            Upon starting the deadly contact campaign I first referred to several cannon resources to learn more about the Cardassian war. I found none. TNG episodes like "The Wounded" referred to the war, but did not point out the length of the war. "DS9: Tribunal" tells us that Captain Maxwell's family is killed around 2348 by a Cardassian Raid, almost 20 years before The Enterprise D is launced. My own idea was that the war was rather a series of skirmishes that sometimes exploded into larger conflicts. The beginning of the war was the bloodiest. After the initial few months, the conflict stabilized, and began the border skirmishes described. The following timeline is the guideline I used to build the story on which the missions are based.

A Cardassian civil war begins. The Cardassian Commonwealth is split between the Civilian leadership, the Obsidian Order, and The Military. The Obsidian Order and military soon join forces.

6/5/23338: Deadly Contact
The USS Tokyo a Miranda class vessel, on a routine survey mission encounters a squad of Cardassian ships fighting in a civil war. The Cardassian think the Tokyo is an alien invader and attack, the Tokyo destroys one of the Cardassians before being destroyed. The USS Nemoy is sent to find the Tokyo. The Nemoy finds the remains of both the Tokyo and the destroyed Cardassian vessel. Thinking this could be the rumored Frengi marauders the Nemoy searches for the remaining vessels. They unknowing crossed the Cardassian border and are attacked by Cardassian warships, I rival faction arrives and warn the Nemoy to leave.

The Federation council decides to honor the borders the Cardassian have claimed.

Against the advice of the Federation council, several colonies are established near the Cardassian Border.

The Cardassian civil war is in a stalemate. An agreement is made to leave the civilian leadership in control, but give the Military greater power within the government.

A coup against the leadership puts the military in full control of The Cardassian Commonwealth, which becomes the Cardassian Union. The new leadership quickly begins a rapid military build up and modernization

8/3/2346: Deadly Contact 2
A group of refugees, once part of the Civilian Government attempts to cross the border into Federation space to warn of a coming invasion. The Ship is destroyed.

Captain Tabitha Stewart finds the vessel, and discovers the invasion fleet. She arrives just in time to warn outpost 305, in Mordecai of the attack. The first way is repelled, but the second wave destroys Captain Stewart's ship, the Gemstar, as well as outpost 305. Captain Stewart with her crew abandons ship; the escape pods are captured. The occupants are tortured for information, then transferred to prisons on Bajor.

8/31/46: Deadly Contact 3
A Federation counterstrike is launched, two fleets attempt to retake three systems lost in the invasion. Nearly 50 vessels are lost, and the Avery system was unable to be captured. Mordecai is taken by Nova Squad Commanded by Captain John Summers of the Jamestown. Nova is highly outnumbered by manages to take the system.

On Bajor, Captain Stewart with the help of the Bajoran Resistance escapes From a Cardassian Prison. She begins a massive intelligence operation on the planet.

1/12/47: Deadly Contact 4
The First Galor class vessels are deployed against the federation. They cause massive damage to Federation positions. The Jamestown is severely damaged while on Patrol; she only survives thanks to newly Launched USS Mordecai.

The Battle of the Bloody Moon. Federation fleets take Avery. But at the loss of 32 ships. The USS Mordecai commanded by Captain Summers is credited with the victory. Because of the amount of dead, the bodies are buried on an Avery moon. Fleet Admiral Giles, commander of the 7th fleet is among the dead.

Captain Summers is promoted to Commodore, and transferred to Special Operations.

Captain Stewart's spy ring spots a Klingon Bird of Prey docked with the Cardassian Mining Station Terak Nor, orbiting Bajor. Federation Officials feared a new Klingon Alliance with the Cardassian Union. Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan, contacts Klingon Chancellor K'mpec about the situation. K'mpec blames an exiled Klingon house, that has left the empire.

3/6/47: Deadly Contact 5
Commodore Summers take Ambassador Sarek aboard the Wolf to meet with a Klingon Ambassador to diffuse the crisis. The Wolf is attacked and destroyed by a squad of Bird of Preys. The Klingons capture Ambassador Sarek, and attempt to deliver him to the Cardassian Union. Commodore Summers is rescued by the USS Nebula, which meets the Klingon Ambassador and hunts down the rogue Klingons and rescue Sarek. The Klingon Empire sends a squad of vessels to help the Federation against the Cardassians.

4/15/47: Deadly Contact 6
Bajoran Spy's locate the Cardassian shipyard responsible for the production of the Galor Class warships. Commodore Summers uses an old constitution class ship, joined by the IKS Kruge commanded by Colonel K'mok, to attack the base. The entire yard is destroyed in the attack.

Cardassians discover the spy ring and Captain Stewart is nearly killed. The Bajoran Resistance smuggles her onboard a freighter and attempts to get her back to Federation Territory

4/23/47: Deadly Contact 7
The IKS Kruge makes it back to Federation Space, but is sent back to rescue Captain Stewart. The Kruge enters Cardassian Space and rescues Stewart, as well as some highly valuable intelligence.

Commodore Summers, and Captain Stewart arrive in Mordecai.

Several skirmishes take place in border systems, as well as a massacre on system sd8. Cardassian Ground troops slaughter 3000 colonist; Federation hopper ships evacuate the System.

Ambassador Spock calls for a withdrawal from systems not claimed by the Federation before the invasion. A public debate breaks out between him and his father Ambassador Sarek. The Federation President calls for an emergency session of the Federation Council.

The Cardassians renew their assault on Federation territory. The Federation President cancels the Council session until the assaults stop.

The Federation Council meets, and votes to send Spock to meet, with a Cardassian dimplomat to attempt a sieze fire.

8/22/47: Deadly Contact 8
Several Attacks are made against Federation Colonist. Starfleet command decides to send a fleet to invade Bajor. The Bajoran resistance masses a fleet to make the initial attack, which will be supported by Federation starships.

Ambassador Spock agrees to a sieze fire with the Cardassians. He orders all Operation to stop. The Bajoran Fleet is slaughtered with no support from Starfleet.

Admiral Summers request transfer from the Cardassian Front, it is denied.

Captain Stewart is assigned as First Officer on the Mordecai, commanded by Admiral Summers.

The Skirmish on Dorvan breaks the sieze fire. Neither side responds to the skirmish.

A series of battles known as the Fortol Campaigns begin. They are a series of attacks by the Cardassians against Federation Colonist.

An attack on a colony leads to the death of Captain Maxwells's Family, The USS Ruthledge is severly damaged in the attack.

The Fortol Campaigns end.

Captain Stewart, and Admiral Summers begin a romantic Relationship.

The USS Mordecai is severely damaged by a Cardassian suicide attack; Captain Stewart is severely hurt. She requires a robotic arm to replace her real arm.

Stewart and Summers become engaged. Stewart is transferred off the Mordecai, to the Kenobi.

Admiral Renners, the Captain who first discovered the Cardassians, defects to the Romulan Star Empire.

Admiral Summers and Captain Stewart are married in New Denver on the surface of Mordecai 3. They spend their honeymoon on Risa.

Captain Summers becomes pregnant.

Timothy Summers is born 1 month early. He stays with his mother onboard the USS Kenobi.


Cardassians request a peace conference.

A Peace Conference is held. The Cardassians walk out on the peace conference.

The war becomes a series of skirmishes. The Cardassian break off all diplomatic channels.

4/2/53: Deadly Contact 9
The Cardassians launch the "Caldos Offensive". Four systems are attacked, and several freighters are destroyed. A Cardassian Galor destroys the USS Kenobi. Admiral Summers rescues his son, as well as half the crew off the Kenobi. Captain Stewart however is killed.

4/15/53: Deadly Contact 10
The Federation responds with a massive offensive deep inside Cardassian Territory. Admiral Summers takes a squad into the heart of Cardassian space and attacks a shipyard. He chases several frigates out of his way. The 7th fleet is ambushed and destroyed, Because Admiral Summers is out of range the Cardassian Fleet is able to venture deep into Federation space.

4/22/53: Deadly Contact 11
The 2nd Fleet intercepts the Cardassians, Admiral Summers cuts off the Cardassian retreat. A Cardassian Gul surrenders the fleet to Admiral Summers.

The USS Mordecai Reports back to Starbase 375 with massive damage. Engineers decide the ship is unsalvageable, she is decommissioned. Admiral Summers transfers to the USS Unity.

5/6/53: Deadly Contact 12
Admiral Summers is sent to escort a Cardassian ship to a peace conference on Janus. He encounters a massive temporal anamoly, and is transported through multiple timelines.

The Peace Conference ends with a war crime accords. It spells out how prisoners of war will be treated, and establishes a quasi border.

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