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Lost Missions


Chapter 2 mod pack
DC9 The Devils Den

DCX Wrath of the Mordecai
DCXI The Last Stand
DCXII In the End
C1 Lost Missions

System Pack

The Lost Missions

           Well like movies, sometimes building a campaign you get missions that just don't fit right. Originally The Cardassian War was to have 25 missions, later cut down to 18, then 15. 15 missions were made, but 3 of them really didn't fit. So they are available for download as "The Lost Missions.

The Fortol Campaigns

A Cardassian attack on colonist on the border. This mission has you tracking a group of galor's who are firing on civilians.
This mission was cut basically becuase it was, well boring. It plays a important part in setting up the "Les Maquis" Campaig, but just doesn't live up. It is mention in the briefing for DC9.


Bajorans are fleeing Cardassian space by the thousands. The Cardassian would rather kill them, than let them flee the labor camps. You are sent to escort them to safe territory.
This mission was cut because it was basically just DC7 redone. The Bajoran exodus from Bajor is mentioned to maintain some continuity with TNG "Ro Laren".

The Rising Sun (original)

The USS Unity is sent to escort Cardassian Dimplomats to a peace conference. The Cardassian ship is destroyed by radical extremist who want the war to continue.
The original version of the DC Final chapter.
This mission came out looking too much like STVI, so I rewrote it with a time travel plot. Which is how most ST series end anyway.

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Klingon Academy
Red Hot Chili Dog
General Kor
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Galorum Nor is destoryed