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Captain Stewart has been compromised and must be exfiltrated out of Cardassian Territory ASAP. You will remain onboard the Kruge with Colonel K'mok.

I am aware that you and Captain Stewart has a relationship in the past. I would perfer another officer conduct this mission. You however, are the only one in range. Keep your emotions undercontrol, complete you mission.

You will warp under cloak to the Anor Star system, beware this system contains some of the most intense plasma storms ever recorded, which makes it perfect to hide. There you will meet our informant who will transmit rendevous coordinates to you to meet Captain Stewart.

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Personel File

Name: Stewart. Tabitha
Rank: Captain
Serial Number: 28930-234
Current Assignment: Delta Squad, Special Ops, Bajor (classified) Officially listed as K.I.A.
Previous Assignment: Commanding Officer U.S.S. Gemstar NCC-45372 Excelcior Class


Commodore, there is some current events I feel you should be aware of. Please read this article that was posted in the news service.
Federation News Service