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Lost Missions


Chapter 2 mod pack
DC9 The Devils Den

DCX Wrath of the Mordecai
DCXI The Last Stand
DCXII In the End
C1 Lost Missions

System Pack

Admiral John Summers

A native of luna, Earth's moon. John Summers started piloting shuttles when he was only 4. His father was an elisted man in starfleet, and encouraged his son to pay attention to studies. John was very interested in alien cultures, the Klingons inpaticular.

John attended Starfleet Academy, and was a stand out student. As a senior he met a you freshman cadet by the name of Tabitha Stewart. They began a romantic relationship, but were forced to part when John was assigned to the Enterprise.

Ensign Summers served as helm officer for 2 years on the Enterprise. He was transferred after the Enterprise was severley damaged in a plasma storm. He was promoted to Leutinite Junior Grade. His new assignment was to be Admiral Rupert Giles personal pilot. Flying executive shuttles within the Sol system. Occastionally they would make a trip to Andor or Vulcan. Giles sall that summers was worthy of more, he promoted him to Full leutinete and given an assignment as tactical officer onboard the Hood. His new captain found him as a valuble officer and made him a Lt. Cmdr.

During a warp test, one of the nacelles exploded, the shock riped the bridge module apart. The bridge was exposed to space. Most of the bridge crew including captain and first officer were sucked into space before the emergency force field activated. Summers quickly took command, and succesfully weathered the crisis. For his bravery and quick thinking he was given the rank of Commander, he would serve as first officer on the Hood for four years until he was offered a command of the USS Jamestown.

The Jamestown was put on an exploration mission. It made first contact with 5 new species, one of which joined the federation. The Jamestown was hosting a delegation on Janus when it recieved a distress call from the USS Gemstar, Commanded by Captain Tabitha Stewart. The Jamestown arrived in the Mordecai system too late. The Gemstar was destroyed and Stewart was assumed dead with it.
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