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Lost Missions


Chapter 2 mod pack
DC9 The Devils Den

DCX Wrath of the Mordecai
DCXI The Last Stand
DCXII In the End
C1 Lost Missions

System Pack

The Cardassian War.

For 7 long years the Federation and Cardassia fought a deadly stalemate on the frontier of known space. This the first campaign in the Deadly Contact Series begins with the first contact between Cardassians and the Federation, and ends with a peace treaty that will force thousands to leave their homes and spark a new war of terror.

1. Deadly Contact
The Federation establishes an outpost on the frontier, and expands into the middle of a Cardassian civil war.

2. The Mordecai Invasion
7 years after Deadly Contact the War Begins. Captain Tabitha Stewart is sent to meet a Cardassian Diplomat, only to discover a Cardassian invasion is well underway.
3. When it Rains
The Federation Mobilizes for a counter-strike against the Cardassians. You lead Nova Squad a light attack wing. You are to support the liberation of Mordecai, however the plan will not goes well.
4. Battle of the Bloody Moon
The biggest and most costly battle will be fought when the Cardassians introduce a new warship.
5. House of Glory
You are transferred to Special ops, and must save the galaxy from a larger interstellar war. A Klingon Rogue House attempts to kidnap a Federation Diplomat and gain Klingon support for the Cardassian cause.
6. The Insurrection
Along with your new Klingon Ally, you attempt the impossible and attack the Cardassians main ship yard. This mission is the first to feature a fully textured Deep Space Nine mod for KA
7. Gemstar
A Federation spy, stranded behind enemy lines is in need of rescue, and its your job to get her. Venture deep into cardassian space to save an old friend.
8. Bay of Pigs
A plan is devised to liberate the world of Bajor. But a politician threatens to leave them behind enemy lines.
9. The Devils Den!
The Cardassians Renew their assault. Admiral Summers is confornted with his worst nightmare.
10. Wrath of the Mordecai
The Mordecai is sent deep into enemy territory, Admiral summers is blinded by hatred and makes a fatal mistake.

11. Loose Ends
A Cardassian invasion fleet penetrates deep into Federation territory. Admiral Summers must contrain himself to end the War.

12. The Rising Sun
The War is over, but now a terrorist group threatens to ignite the flames of war.
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Klingon Academy
Red Hot Chili Dog
General Kor
KAF Thor

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